Soča river and water sports

Not quite explainable blue- green colour of the soča attracts all fans of water activities, specialy in the summer. There are a lot of posibillities of doing watersports such as rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed... For your safety it is the best to contact one of local sport agencies.


On the hill Kobala above Tolmin there is one of the best place for paragliding in Slovenia and Europe. You will reach a starting point taking a road to a cottage on the mountain Stador, from there is about 10 minutes walk to the take off. This start is 1080 m above the sea level and with good weather conditions you can fly above the alps, toward Italy, Bovec and Bohinj. Because of its position flying is possible at east or west wind.

Fishing in Soča river

Fishing and tourism, which is at the bottom of the Soca and Idrijca and Baca on the very popular (145 km of various fishing rivers), runs from 1 4th to 30 10th Standing guests are French, Swiss, British and Italians. Precisely defined areas in the streams and rivers, where and how they may be fished (catch a drop or three fish, etc.).. Fly-fishing is only permitted method of fishing.


provides a dynamic and diverse terrain, pleasant climate, attractive natural and cultural environment. There are several types of riding: daily sport, which is a road or mountain, športnorekreacijsko, excursion, travel, mountain, travel, family. In the Upper Soča has several themed bike routes that include and connect the beauty of nature and cultural heritage (eg, descent and Kanin in Bovec Soča Trail at Nadiža and Breginjski corner of Kobarid and Kosmač trail in the Tolmin), the individual maps is also indicated their difficulty.

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